Jisc and CASRAI are strategic partners and are collaborating on an exploratory basis to trial the ‘CASRAI approach’ in the UK to improve research interoperability.

CASRAI engages national constituencies in a collaborative curation of an international dictionary to enable research information management metadata to be reused and shared in order to enhance the management and flow of information within and between organisations.

The dictionary contains definitions of key terms or information elements which relate to the management of e.g. research grants, CVs or data management plans. It documents controlled vocabularies, authoritative lists and identifiers that are relevant for these terms.

CASRAI data standards are aimed at simplifying interoperability in order to reduce duplication and improve the quality of research administration data that is distributed across multiple software tools, organisations, disciplines and countries.

The CASRAI dictionary provides a single, open and unambiguous reference source for standards agreements. It also includes national and international standards developed outside of the collaborative forum provided by CASRAI when consensus can be reached that these meet the UK research community’s requirements.

Following the CASRAI summit held in December 2012, it was agreed that Jisc and CASRAI should work together in the following three working groups:

Data Management Plans

  • Developing an initial data profile reflecting the current version of the Digital Curation Centre’s “DMP-Online” tool.
  • Concurrently, developing a potential further version of the data profile derived from harmonization and discussions among the UK Research Councils.

Organisational Identifiers

  • Exploring possible sources of authoritative lists of organisations involved in UK research, including research performing organisations, charities, industry, etc.
  • Develop a sustainable process for maintaining authoritative lists of organisations in the CASRAI dictionary.

Research Contributions and Open Access Reporting

  • Data profile supporting institutional report to UK funders for the new policy on Open Access, and for research contributions / outputs more generally
  • A key input for this working group  will be the final report from the UKRISS project. This project is consulting with a range of UK stakeholders to work towards a shared vocabulary to be used in research reporting.
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