Working Groups’ Status

The three working groups (WG), that make up the Jisc CASRAI-UK pilot, meet online every four weeks to discuss progress. Recently group meetings have been focussed on what’s been achieved by each group and what still needs to be done. This post provides an update of where we are with each group.

Organisational Identifiers

This group has made better progress than other groups for various reasons. It has a large membership that has grown over the last year. Its mandate is clear and described on the WG’s page. As described in the previous post, the WG recently funded a review of Organisational Identifiers. This work is due for completion by the end of November and the consultants have been busy working with the WG members to review the core set of identifiers against a number of use cases. Details of this work will be released later this year and communicated via this blog, in the first instance.

Data Management Plans

In recent meetings discussions have been on looking at the work that’s already been done and planning out what needs to be done in the next few months. A first use case “Submit Data Management Plan (DMP) to Funders” has been developed based on the current version of the DCC (Digital Curation Centre) data management plan template v1.0. However, this requires additional work to include the harmonisation of DMP requirements across the funders. Once this is done the application profile can be published. Also, the group will incorporate feedback from Research At Risk (a Jisc co-design theme) in future work. There may also be further use cases required. One of the issues with this group is the membership is quite small. There is also a lack of funder engagement, but the mitigating action we are taking is to refocus on institutional membership of the WG to suggest where harmonisation across funder requirements for DMPs could take place.

Open Access Reporting

This group was put on hold earlier in the year and it was agreed that the group would reconvene in September 2014 while waiting for forthcoming work from other initiatives (HEFCE REF OA policy and RIOXX work, for example). When the group recently came back together it was agreed that the WG should set forth on a new phase of work and to look at what can be practically delivered. The remit of the group was reviewed and it was decided that the focus of the group will initially be on Open Access reporting with action on other entities being reconsidered later.

The summary plans for each group have been updated and the Working Group pages have been modified to reflect these changes.

Further updates will be broadcast soon.

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