Survey about Organisation Identifiers

João Mendes Moreira (Head of Scientific Information at FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal) was a member of the Organisational Identifiers (Org Id) working group and, as part of this group, contributed to the review of organisational identifiers. Following the production of the review and its recommendations FCT|FCCN, within their PTCRIS program, looked at the recommendations to help address their own issues around organisational identifiers.

The PTCRIS action plan is based on the Org Id review and their goal is to conciliate international initiatives, that aim to address Org Id in a more comprehensive and sustainable way, with national efforts. They believe that, independently of international efforts, there are a number of basic things that they should address at the national level. Their roadmap is summarised in the following image and based on the recommendations from the Org Id study:


They aim to create a national registry that will synchronize with international authoritative databases (eg ISNI, Ringgold). In order to do so, they are gathering information on rules, procedures and support services regarding national registries.

As part of this approach they have developed a survey. The following text provides further background information. Please take the time to complete this survey and notice the end date is 18 January:

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) is the Portuguese funding agency that supports science, technology and innovation, in all scientific domains, under responsibility of the Ministry for Education and Science. FCT is currently developing and implementing a national Current Information Research System (CRIS) – PTCRIS. Within this challenging programme, we are investigating the adoption of unique identifiers for organizations.

The preparation and definition of the action plan for adoption of unique identifiers for organizations is based on the recommendations of the study produced under the CASRAI-UK Organizational ID study.

PTCRIS is also aware of project THOR’s mission and goals. PTCRIS team believes that the work  being undertaken with regards to Organization identifiers will fit well on project THOR’s results.

This survey aims to gather information about rules, procedures and support services regarding organization identifiers (OrgID). Results from the survey will inform the development of a set of procedures and services to manage OrgIDs nationally. These results will, upon request, be made available.

The survey is addressed to funding agencies, registration agencies and data contributors. It should take no longer than 15 min to complete and should be filled until 18th January.

Link for the survey:

Thank you very much for your collaboration!

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