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Product Manager (Research) at Jisc.

Survey about Organisation Identifiers

João Mendes Moreira (Head of Scientific Information at FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal) was a member of the Organisational Identifiers (Org Id) working group and, as part of this group, contributed to the review of organisational identifiers. Following the production of the review and its recommendations FCT|FCCN, within their PTCRIS program, … Read more

Organisational Identifiers Working Group – outputs and update

The original objectives for the Organisational Lists Working Group were as follows: Explore possible sources of authoritative lists of organisations involved in UK research, including research performing organisations, charities, industry, etc; Develop a sustainable process for maintaining authoritative lists of organisations in the CASRAI dictionary. The membership of this working group includes representatives from ARMA, … Read more

Jornadas FCCN 2015 Presentation

On 10 February I gave a presentation on Organisational Identifiers and the outputs from the working group at the Jornadas FCCN workshop. I had been kindly invited over there by João Moreira and I’d like to thank him and FCCN for their invitation and hospitality. Although the workshop was in Portuguese, so it’s difficult for … Read more

Jisc CASRAI-UK Review of Organisational Identifiers

Jisc has commissioned a review of organisational identifiers for the Organisational Identifiers Working Group, which is one of three working groups operating under the Jisc CASRAI-UK pilot. The review will report to a workshop planned for the end of November 2014. This is part of Jisc’s collaborative work with CASRAI (Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration … Read more


Jisc and CASRAI are strategic partners and are collaborating on an exploratory basis to trial the ‘CASRAI approach’ in the UK to improve research interoperability. CASRAI engages national constituencies in a collaborative curation of an international dictionary to enable research information management metadata to be reused and shared in order to enhance the management and … Read more