Working Groups

Three working groups have been convened in the UK with representatives from Funders, Research Institutions, Publishers, IT Suppliers, IT Solution Developers, International Standard Bodies, Research Managers, and Researchers to develop data standards in the areas:

Details on each group are available through the Working Groups drop down menu. Each one of these groups works to the following Terms of Reference:

CASRAI Working Groups – Terms of Reference


Working from a Project Charter, the purpose of a CASRAI Working Group (WG) is to oversee successive and scheduled iterations of an identified component of the national standards dictionary. In executing this mandate for the component under their responsibility, and with the active support and facilitation of a CASRAI Coordinator, Working Groups (WGs) will:

  • Include any established best practices and implemented models in early reference drafts;
  • Identify and/or confirm the information that needs to be included and specify the meaning and structure of that information;
  • Determine and follow a suitable time-table for published revisions;
  • Report to the Standards Committee on progress.


Each organizational member sitting on the Standards Committee shall be invited to nominate an individual to any WG. An organizational member may choose not to participate in specific WGs if the work is not currently aligned with internal priorities.

Individuals are selected for their subject matter expertise and their substance knowledge of how the applicable information is supplied and used in a business environment and hence the process issues that must be considered. Individuals bring to the table their knowledge of their respective organizations but also their capacity to reflect perspectives of the larger stakeholder community not directly represented on the committee.

Individuals must be from the applicable business units of member organizations and not from the information technology (IT) units; CASRAI has an alternate inclusion mechanism for those responsible for implementing the business standards in IT solutions.

WGs may, at their discretion, invite external experts that meet the above criteria but that are not from a CASRAI member organization.


CASRAI WG members will:

  • Offer knowledge and content expertise related to the identified standards;
  • Actively participate in project work;
  • Meet and respect target dates and deadlines as expressed in the Project Plan;
  • Follow CASRAI procedures and respect CASRAI principles;
  • Consult within their respective organizations but focus appropriately and balance constituency views in accordance with CASRAI principles;
  • Contribute effectively and transparently within a group environment whose outputs are eventually to be made public.

CASRAI staff will:

  • Provide support and orientation on the standards development process;
  • Provide open and effective lines (and supporting collaborative tools) of communication for project work;
  • Provide support in the documentation and revision-control of their outputs;
  • Supply information and documents to help members understand the policies and codes of conduct involved in their duties;
  • Facilitate recruitment and acceptance of committee members from CASRAI organizational members.

Communication & Meetings

The WGs will communicate primarily via the CASRAI Commons, an online service for managing and keeping track of groups, conversation and document sharing.

Six weekly one hour web meetings will be scheduled in advance to review and discuss outputs and progress. The working group will use an online web-conferencing and document sharing service hosted by CASRAI.

Although not mandatory as a part of project work, working group members will also have an annual opportunity to meet and network in-person at the CASRAI Reconnect International Conference.


The working group is created by and reports to the Standards Committee on a schedule outlined in the project plan. The Standards Committee authorises final versions of any outputs that arise from this project. Public statements in relation to this project or the workings of the working group will be authorised by the Standards Committee.


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