Data Management Plans

Working Group Chairs:
Anna Clements, University of St Andrews
Funders’ representative TBC
Jisc/Group project manager:
Christopher Brown (pre May 2014 – Matthew Dovey)

The group was established in March 2013 as part of the Jisc CASRAI-UK pilot project and tasked with developing use cases for inclusion in the CASRAI-UK dictionary relating to the exchange of information on research data management. The working group’s focus is on identifying profiles that make interoperability easier and that it’s important for the larger problem space to be focused in on one or two work processes that can have data exchanges connected to it.

Membership comprises research funders, universities, research data experts and data centre providers.

The purpose of the Jisc-CASRAI UK-DMP WG is to create a profile on Data Management Plans for funders and to explore additional related use cases where institutional subject matter experts can provide further guidance to funders and to their own internal requirements. The WG chose this scope based on the Data Management Plans tool supplied by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Application submissions to that plan, described as ‘funder’s current DMP requirements’, were used as a basis for creation of a draft profile. Once the draft profile is created and approved, it will be the milestone or first deliverable from which further work will continue.

The WG meets routinely at four week intervals. It is open to the involvement of other national groups with an interest in DMP.


  • Use Case 1 “Submit Data Management Plan to Funders” has been developed based on the current version of the DCC (Digital Curation Centre) data management plan template. V1.0
  • Agreement that this version should not be published, as additional work has been identified including harmonisation of requirements across the funders.


  • Complete Use Case 1 and publish application profile and submit to the National Standards Committee (NSC) for approval.
  • Incorporate feedback from Research At Risk (Jisc co-design theme) in future work. This includes a focus on looking at harmonisation for the data management plan across the funders.
  • Need to take the vocabulary for DMP and get endorsement from the group and decide whether there are further use cases to develop it further.
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